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As you are here, we would like you to know about what we have got to offer. At 4th Knot Photography we make sure your wedding is visually imprinted for you and the posterity to cherish. Photographs will be a composite state of the art quality, sheer brilliance and distinct aesthetics.

Our cameras will constantly be firing all through the day, precisely capturing everything from your doting bridesmaids helping you get ready, to the eye contact you make with your partner during the ceremony, to the laughs and excitement during the reception and sangeet.

Our only thought is to bring the best in you and record it as a photograph on your wedding– whether this involves our distinctly photojournalistic capturing of your ceremony and reception, or whether it means our expert directions during group photos and bridal party photos, we guarantee that you will cherish your beautiful Wedding Photos for the rest of your Lives.

As producers of some of the finest wedding photography in Chennai, we are there to fulfill a standard, not a time frame. We attend your wedding with one mission: To immortalize the most beautiful memories of you on the day you deserve most, and that cannot be achieved by simply clicking a shutter all day. Our craft is about having an eye for beauty, choosing the most beautiful light, excavating beauty in locations, and capturing the spark in the moments as they unfold. Once we understand this, we are able to produce family heirlooms that are appreciated for their beauty and emotional power. We suit couples who are after natural looking, aesthetic, feel good photographs. All couples are treated with absolute importance and make sure they are happy about working with us.